Will it harm hard wood floors?
No. No. No. Our exclusive anti-skid rubber is soft and will actually protect your floor.
Can I use on OUTDOOR rugs?
Yes. It works with outdoor rugs as well. Just be sure to fasten to the rug when thoroughly dry. Our glue is weather proof, but the duration of it sticking will be dependent how wet your situation is.
Can I use it over carpet?
NeverCurl is fastened to the rug itself. Therefore, whether you place it over carpet, or other flooring, it will always stick to the rug itself and work on any flooring.
What thickness of rug will it work on?
All thicknesses. The NeverCurl is only 3/16 thick. It is a perfect blend of stiff plastic and soft premium rubber. It keeps your rugs flat and also protects your floor.
Where is NeverCurl made?
We are proud to say we made in the great USA and we are helping to save American jobs. It was developed, marketed, and made in United States. Hurray!
My rug is curling on the corners, but also further down the edges?
Place NeverCurl on the corners and then place additional ā€œLā€ shaped pieces down the edges. The ā€œLā€ shape design will keep the edges from curling up as well.
Can I move my rug?
Yes. The NeverCurl is glued to your rug, not your floor. When you move your rug the NeverCurl stays fastened to the rug.
Will the glue on the NeverCurl harm my rug?
We have done our best placing the right amount of adhesive. We placed enough to properly stick NeverCurl to your rug, and it will not harm your floors.
Do I still need a carpet pad?
Yes. If you are currently using rug pad to prevent it from sliding on the floor, you will most likely still require the rug pad.
Can you remove and place on another rug?
Yes. However, you may lose some of the adhesion glue.
NeverCurl is not sticking to the rug corner?
Rugs may pick up oil and wax from your floor and thus, you may need to clean the area with common rubbing alcohol before applying the NeverCurl.